Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

To start off the camping season, my friend Kristin and I visited Silver Falls State Park and stayed in one of their “rustic” cabins.  The cabin was her idea, and definitely a good idea, because it rained consistently two out of the three days and was also rather chilly.

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we still managed to see a few of the waterfalls.  Some were not dog friendly, so Toby stayed in the truck and got to go on a different, dog friendly trail after.

We walked  behind one of the waterfalls, which had four levels of lava formations building up the wall it flowed off of, with lots of mini caves and mist.

We also visited Silverton, where we got coffee, crepes, and found nice yarn at a local  yarn shop.

There was a lot of greenery and foliage in the forest, which I learned counts as a temperate rain forest.  I imagine I’ll try to visit it when it’s not raining quite so much though!

waterfall pic

Damp, even through a gortex jacket, but the waterfalls were definitely pretty.

waterfall pic1


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