Portland, March 2017

Last Thursday was the last day at my job.

Yesterday, I drove up to Portland.

My family lives up here, and it’s where I grew up, so I’m starting off my time off from working on a familiar trip.

Prior to leaving, I got an oil change and had the tires rotated (it’s been 5000 miles since I bought them already!).  I will have to remember to get the transmission fluid changed as well.

I got back on my road bike and rode around the neighborhood a bit, realizing just how out of biking shape I am.  My dog, Toby, has been enjoying the long walks around the neighborhood and new sights and smells, as well as pestering the family’s dogs.

While I’m up here, I will clean out the back of the truck and canopy and get it ready to load up for some camping trips.  I am planning to see a few friends and possibly set my sister up with my old mountain bike so she can have wheeled transportation at college.

Adjusting to the notion that I don’t have have any major time frames I have to follow right now will take a bit.  I think it will end up being a healthy break from the stresses of work life though.

Now, it’s time to think of places I’d like to go and see.  Some of them on my list are the California redwoods, Bend (haven’t been there yet), Hood River (to visit with a friend), and the coast.

If you’ve got a local place you would recommend for a visit, let me know below.  Dog friendly, bike friendly, and camping friendly places would be ideal, but I am always good for day trips.




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