These past two weeks have been tumultuous.  Due to a variety of factors, I put in my two week notice at my job.  Luckily, I have enough financial stability right now to take my time finding my next job.  That financial stability is due in large part to paying a decreased rent – my partner and his family have graciously let me stay with them while I was working.

I recognize my current goals are not in line with what is typically expected of someone of my age and that I have a great deal of societal and personal privilege in being able to pursue those goals.  Not everyone will agree with what direction I am headed for the time being, and that is ok.  Each person has their own drive and direction they would like to go, and each has its own merit.

Working for nearly two years has allowed me to save up the funds to take some time for myself, travel a bit, reconnect with friends and family, spend time with and train my dog, and do some self-reflection.  My vehicle is reasonably reliable with known quirks.  I’ll be cleaning out the back of it these next few days and working on getting it set up for some local travel as the season warms up.  Then, we’ll see what happens next.




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