Lost Lake and the Lone Ranger

I know it’s a cheesy title, but I had to.  In fact, I didn’t see any other Ford Rangers while at Lost Lake, so I think it works.

It’s been too long since I’ve written, so here’s a quick summation of what’s been happening.

After working at one job in Ashland, which was morally rewarding but in the end not the best fit, I ended up working for a local city government.  It’s  been a couple of months there and in the meantime my gracious partner and his family have let me stay with them (with some rent cost factored in).  The job pays decently, I enjoy my coworkers, and the work is not too stressful.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye open for affordable, dog friendly housing in my area (it’s a conundrum).

Even though work takes up a decent chunk of time, I have been making an effort to get out of town more. This past weekend I drove up to Portland to visit with my family and go camping at Lost Lake outside of Hood River.  Toby, my (somewhat) recently adopted dog, joined the family and their two dogs, Ferdinand and Jack.  Toby and I slept in the back of the truck, which had a comfortable amount of room for me, the dog, and our stuff for the long weekend, while the rest of the family slept in the RV.

As you can tell, the truck finally got used as an all-around camping vehicle with success.  The 2wd/rwd didn’t even slow us down – but the campground had paved roads, so that might’ve been cheating.

Here’s some pictures of Toby.  We’ve been going to a dog manners class and both learning, which  has been beneficial.  He’s a little over a year old and still has a lot of energy but he listens well when food is involved.

I’m really looking forward to doing more camping soon and getting comfortable using the truck as a home base for those excursions.

In the meantime, here’s a sampling of pictures from Lost Lake, where the high temperatures were in the 70’s and 80’s rather than over 100 in Southern Oregon.



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