Friday Truck Fiasco

Today my dad and I went to pick up the truck and camper from AAMCO.  First, it wouldn’t start because the batteries were dead from testing the motor (presumably).  We left it there, came back a few hours later, they had charged the batteries  back up and we were able to drive it most of the way home – until it broke down on NE 21st just south of Broadway.  Luckily, this wasn’t too far from the mechanic/body shop we were taking it to and we have AAA.

The AAA fellow helped get the truck going again, and then we found out that the new alternator we just had put in by another local mechanic is kaput.  My dad managed to drive it to a different mechanic near the house while I drove the family’s Toyota.  The mechanic’s supposed to put in a rebuilt transmission and cooler system and in addition another alternator as well as fix a door hinge.  The mechanic expressed doubt that the lift they use would be able to hoist up the truck with the camper on it (and it would be a pain in the arse to get the camper on and off of the truck just to take it to the mechanic).

So basically, this whole situation with the truck is becoming a much longer and more expensive process than initially planned.  My plans to be on the road at the end of September with it probably won’t come to fruition because it’s looking like it will not be a reliable enough vehicle to drive from Portland to Ashland.  We”ll hear back from the mechanic on Monday, but until then it seems my tiny home plans are being put on the backburner – it may have to wait until spring when the weather will be reliably warmer and I (hopefully) have more funds.


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