Project Progress: Cleaning the Camper and More

I am pleased to say that progress is being made on the camper and truck project (with quite a bit of help from my dad on the truck and resealing portions).  We got it out of the driveway today and on its way to the mechanic to check a couple things.  The camper top lowered very nicely and the truck started without a problem.  Below are some photos of the things done in the past day or two.

Cherry tree drawer liners.

I made some drawer liners for the plastic drawers.  They look nice and cover up some of the dirt I couldn’t wash out of the drawer bottoms.  The paper was at JoAnn’s and is basically wrapping paper held on with double sided tape, but it makes the drawers look much more cheery.

New rubber webbing.

Here is a picture of the first section of rubber webbing replaced on the camper.  In addition to the plastic strip holding it down, the webbing is stapled to the door frame.  This stuff goes all the way around and the old stuff is Pirelli rubber webbing, but I found some on Amazon that was basically the same product and significantly cheaper.  This will seal out the bugs and the cold while allowing the top to raise and lower.

New window shades.

New shades on the side windows.  These are from Home Depot and cut to fit, about 52″ across if I recall correctly.  They’re spring loaded which is neat, but I may end up adding a removable layer of fabric to block out the light when all is said and done since these are more like shades than light blocking curtains.

New dinette cushion covers

New fabric covering the dinette cushions, as well as new wood backings for the foam.  The backs are forest creature themed and the seats are a nice tree green.  The fabrics are also from JoAnn’s.  To attach them to the wooden backings I used a staple gun – simple, no sew, and efficient.

Cleaning cabinets

Cleaned out cabinets and encountered some fun blue soap stuff on the tubes for the hydraulic fluid.  Should clean off pretty easily.  I found more of it below the sink and was able to scrape it off with a spatula and clean out that space.

Cleaning the inside.

Drawers taken out of their places and being cleaned. I swept the camper and washed surfaces with warm water and a gentle soap.

Taking apart the foam cushions.

A before photo of the backings for the dinette cushions – these were tossed because some of them were moldy.

Back door

And the back door.

Things left to do on the camper include some resealing on the windows and vents, finishing the webbing, and checking the water tank.  If there’s extra time, we’ll take a look at the fridge and check to see if it can run on propane again, rather than just 110 volt electricity.

Today the truck got its brakes checked and is at the mechanic now to look at the alternator belt and the A/C.  Things are getting done – fingers crossed – this project might get mostly done before too long!


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