Why I’m Doing It

Some folks might wonder why I would want to live in a camper, especially right after college.

I have been interested in small houses for a couple of years now (thanks to my dad, who introduced me to the idea) and because a tiny house is too expensive for me right now, I started looking at alternatives.  Ideas ranged from van dwelling, to a teardrop camper, to RVing.  As you can see, I leaned more towards a mobile dwelling because I want the ability to travel with ease.

Camping at Lost Lake

In the end, I decided on a truck and camper.  This seemed like a viable option because if something goes wrong with either the truck or camper, one or the other can be replaced without losing your entire rig.  I liked the layout of the truck campers and the potential for a 4WD truck if one got into some sticky situations.  Truck campers are by no means stealthy, but they have standing room and other amenities often built right in.

I was lucky enough to find a truck and camper for sale together on Craigslist of the kinds I wanted.  The truck turned out to be a diesel which meant that it gets about 17 miles to the gallon even with the camper fully loaded on the back.  To me, this was a good compromise between comfort and miles per gallon – not as high as a camper van, but not as low as a big RV.

The challenge of getting rid of enough things to fit only the necessary items in my camper is ongoing, yet refreshing to realize what I actually need and use.  This culture runs rampant with consumerism and materialism; ideologies encourage us to define ourselves by what we buy.  Small living offers an exercise in defining ourselves more by what we do and with whom than by what we own.  With a small space, I am forced to minimize and save money by not buying extraneous items.

Overall, at a young age I now own my own home (even if the home is a truck camper), have the ability to travel, a low cost of living, and potentially no landlord.  Even with the work still to do on the camper, that sounds like a decent setup to me.


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