Interior Prior to Work

Following are some initial photos of the camper before much work has been done on it.  You’ll have to excuse the clutter – all the parts for the camper are being stored in it currently.

The first photo is of the view out the door – you can see a storage area on the left and the fridge on the right.  I made some blue curtains to replace the old ones

Back door view

Here’s a clearer view of the fridge and part of the stove (the cover for it is being cleaned). The fridge currently works on electric only, though it’s supposed to work on propane as well, so it may end up as a glorified ice box for the time being.

Corner of stove and fridge

A view of the outside of the door – it is in a nifty two halves so the top part can be left open for some air flow, and also to make life easier when the top half lowers down.

Back door

The bed – I splurged on the base foam and got some high quality stuff that’s 3″ thick with a 1″ mattress topper that I will trim to the correct size.  I’m not regretting the spendy foam – it’ll make a much more comfortable bed than what was there before.

Cabover bed

On the right is the side dinette – luckily the cushions are reusable there, they just need to be cleaned, some new backings, and recovered.  That’ll save me some money on buying foam.

Dinette and bed

Hopefully that gives everyone an idea of the layout of the camper – my apologies for the poor photo quality – once it’s cleaned up a little more and I’ve done some more sewing I’ll get some better light in there.  Thanks for reading!


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