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Prior to making the decision to buy an Alaskan camper, I did a lot of research on tiny and alternative living while focusing specifically on mobile lifestyles.  From van dwelling to fancy RVs, there are lots of options and information out there for folks who look for it.  Here are just a few of the ones I really like:

Cheap RV Living is maintained by Bob Wells, a fellow who’s been living in vans and similar vehicles and converting them to his specific needs for many years.  He’s the go-to for a lot of information about the lifestyle and also has numerous guest posts from folks who live a less materialistic lifestyle.

Exploring Alternatives is a blog maintained by a young Canadian couple living out of their conversion van and travelling while working.  Both their jobs center allow them to work remotely via their laptops and live out of their simply (but very nicely) converted van.  Many of their posts explore aspects of their lives and travels from a minimal wardrobe to where they park each night.

Do it Yourself RV has tons of information about RVs, conversions, and plenty of DIY stuff.  The particular page linked to here has information on converting a mini van to a camper for the weekend or longer trips.  Mini vans make great campers for an individual person because even though they are small, they have good gas mileage.

These are just a few of the resources I’ve referred over time, but some of the ones I’d recommend.


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