Downsizing for the Camper

Currently, I live in a studio apartment.  You’d think this wouldn’t leave much room for unnecessary stuff, but you’d be surprised.  Sometimes we hang on to things because of sentimental value, clothes that *almost* fit, books that we’ve read partway, or art supplies we’ll swear to use one day.

I am in the habit of getting rid of many of these things.  It’s been a summer long process because one of my goals is to not buy much new stuff for living in the camper, but at the same time get rid of stuff I really don’t need.

After reading multiple articles on how to downsize your wardrobe, it all boils down to pretty much three simple steps.  First, look through your stuff.  Second, determine which of these three categories it fits in: 1)keep 2)maybe/put in storage for a bit 3)donate/give away to friends.  The third step is to take action with the stuff.  I’ve still got a couple bags of clothes, books, kitchenware, etc. that I don’t use sitting by my door waiting to go to Goodwill (or to be given to friends).  It’s been a process, but finding out what items I really use has been good for me – it’ll save me money in the long run and contribute towards the challenge of fitting all my stuff into the camper.


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