The Beginning…

Hello folks!

This blog is a documentation of my experiences purchasing, cleaning, mildly refurbishing, and living in my Alaskan camper.

This past spring, I purchased a vintage Alaskan camper bolted to the bed of a 1991 Ford F250 Diesel truck.  Both were in decent workable shape, but a little rough around the edges.  As I recently graduated from college, this was my graduation present to myself and (hopefully) my entrance into tiny living.

Like many, the tiny house movement has caught my attention.  However, I as a recent college graduate, I don’t have the funds necessary to build a tiny house.  I also decided I wanted my tiny home to be mobile, and so began looking into truck campers, trailers, school bus conversions, and the like

Alaskan campers caught my eye because as a truck camper, they can be separated from the base vehicle if either needs repairs or replacement and they are also a “top up/top down” hard sided camper.  The top raises via a hydraulic lift and then rests back down on the base while driving, thus reducing wind resistance and sway (a nice feature for someone who’s used to driving an old toyota corolla).   While researching different types of campers, I found the cabover camper format appealing – something with a designated sleeping space but not too cramped at the same time.  So, when the pickup and camper popped up on craigslist together, I decided it was the right time to invest in a rig.

I’m headed to the family’s this Sunday to complete work on the camper and truck and hopefully take it out on its “maiden voyage” this August.  Fingers crossed.


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